The Leo Content 1

Leo boleh letak summary product atau service yang nak jual kat sini satu persatu - ada 3 kotak tu.

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100% Responsive

Leo boleh tukar "Featured Area 2" dengan imej produk atau perkhidmatan yang Leo nak promote.

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Powerful Framework

Get a taste of our awesome ThinkUpThemes Framework and make changes to your site easily, without touching any code at all!

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IKEA model?

i know a lot of uolssss love to go to IKEA… maybe not to shop but at least browsing around for ideas and maybe steal them? well.. i’m one of them… especially when you are really budgeting for your new house… IKEA i would say have what we need with the price that we can

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Happy Dragon Year ppl!

Dragon feast???

Hope it’s not too late to wish all my chinese frens.. (yeahh.. part of my besties are Chinese.. hehe) Happy Chinese New Year… May this Dragon year brings you dragon health, dragon happiness, dragon wealth and all sorts of dragon… (dragon Merlin pun mulehhhh) As usual… our dearly Fren Osmy and Mike will host a

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Leo Jahit Baju!

yessssss…. i made it!! i have successfully made a caftan blouse wedding gown  in 2 hours!! (with Armand ‘helping’ around of course… geget geget tali inci.. seb baik mummy beli 3)… yelah yelah… caftan blouse jek…. bukannya baju gempak2… sabor leeerrr… slow2 dulu… nanti advance la sket ekk.. gimme time k.. material is chiffon… bought

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Xin chào VietNam – Final!

ya yaaa… i know… so long never finish yet ka citer vietnam neh… ekkeke… one more one more… final odi.. just to summarize…   we had fun!    Vietnam roads look like impossible to cross.. heheh… 80% of it, full of motorcyclists… but i can assure you, they will never run you down… and i

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Xin chào VietNam – Part 3

~continuation~ Shopping 2 – An Dong Market     An Dong Market… not as popular as Ben Thanh…. however.. seriously, the cloth material sold here has more variety… and the price varies… really really have to nego… cheaper than Ben Thanh… need to compare it apple to apple, meaning, the one in Ben Thanh might

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Xin chào VietNam – Part 2

~continuation~   eheh… as promised… let’s start with the ‘pleasure’ side of the trip first… we went to HCM via MAS on 22nd Oct, flight 5.40pm… arrived at Saigon City at about 7.30pm.. (pada sape yg kurang tau… Saigon adalah nama lama bagi Ho Chi Minh.. time kasih..) Checked in at Arc En Ciel Hotel,

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