Leo Jahit Baju!

yessssss…. i made it!! i have successfully made a caftan blouse wedding gown  in 2 hours!! (with Armand ‘helping’ around of course… geget geget tali inci.. seb baik mummy beli 3)… yelah yelah… caftan blouse jek…. bukannya baju gempak2… sabor leeerrr… slow2 dulu… nanti advance la sket ekk.. gimme time k.. :)

material is chiffon… :) bought from recently Vietnam trip of course… Dong80,000. (1.5m)

caftan blouse with boat-neck… this is my 1st trial… next caftan will be more on the design.. and hopefully to make a trip to Jalan TAR soon… nak beli manik2, kristal2 ka.. so takdelah nampak kosong sgt kaftan tu…



mlm semlm buat (sambil dgr Vokal Bukan Sekadar Rupa – and post ni ditulis ari senin mlm.. ehhe)… hari ni mummy melaram pi opis lorrr…

as i didn’t make any lining, i wear it with inner instead… *kalo inner tu kaler belacan cantik kann.. huhu.. esok carik kt Mydin* my old Bawal tudung… Dianpelangi style.. nak jugak tiru minah gempak tu kan.. ekkekek… *do browse her blog.. love her style!*

Sorry Dian… ter-marketing awak punya blog kat sini.. :)


i have a vision.. a Nawaitu… which is, at least, i want to be able to sew my children school clothes :) just like my Mak.. i want to be super duper mommy like her… working mom… but still have time to check her children’s school work… still make time to cook for us… sew all our clothes.. kurung, kebaya, blouse, skirt.. you name it… also being a super busy grandmother at 72yrs of age and still sew Armand’s bed cover and stuff.. *phewww* insyaAllah… i’m blessed if i even can do half from what she has done for us… hubby gives me 120% support… :) *also a critic to my sewing skill… hahaha*


commercial? hmmm.. let’s see how it goes… as of now, this is my hobby… just like Bodyjam… however… i’m so inspired by several bloggers with their creativity and design… DianPelangi is one of them of course… Others in my top list are:


They are, of course doing this as a full time… All the best for them!!


As for me.. We never know.. rezeki Allah nak bagi kita tak tau…. tapi yang penting, kita kena berusaha dgn gigih dan berdoa bersungguh2… Allah janji, Dia tidak akan mengubah nasib kita kalau kita sendiri tidak cuba mengubahnya… :) Dari dulu, this is so my principal.. if you want something.. really work smart for it… if you don’t get it, meaning Allah has better plan for you… Aminnnn… :)

syukur dgn kebolehan yg dianugerahNya… 



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