Dragon feast???

Hope it’s not too late to wish all my chinese frens.. (yeahh.. part of my besties are Chinese.. hehe) Happy Chinese New Year… May this Dragon year brings you dragon health, dragon happiness, dragon wealth and all sorts of dragon… (dragon Merlin pun mulehhhh)

As usual… our dearly Fren Osmy and Mike will host a CNY dinner at their wonderful crib… eat eat and eat.. different this year, few of the gang dah ada ‘handbag’ extra… kids! :) very prosperous… goes for size oso! ahahahahah… having friends is also a rezeki which everybody should cherish for the rest of their lives… as for us, we love every moment we have with them, good or bad and we are very sure they felt the same… thanks for cherishing this friendship… May it lasts forever… :)

More pictures from the partayyyy….

with some of them…

Audrer, Ehsan and I… hmmm.. mummy nampak ramping! ahahha

     what look look??

          bite bite!

dah orang kata mata saya bolat… so saya kecikkan sket ahh..

this is all of us!



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