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Islamic Music: The Need of Worldwide Standard Definition!

Currently there’s no one body to look after this matter, although it’s a very basic to move on. Now it depends on how individually wanted to label it, and there was many cases that an event with using a tag of Islamic or Muslim but obviously its not.

Thus we believe that to give a standard definition or category or genre of what is called “Islamic music” or nasyid is a very urgent to be created, but who can acting to do doing this? who can justify or verify? It’s a shame on all of us that we said we’re Muslim but nothing we did to do something about it.

There’s hundred millions of content in Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and other digital stores and streaming service but sadly there are still non specific category to ease the organic search on Internet, online appearance and digital presence.

Category or genres of contents, consisting of any concept Islamic songs audio and video, in the form of Nasyid, qasidah, zikr, sholawat/maulid, dua munajjat or religi in all dialects and languages from all around the world, ethnics and countries will directly affecting algorithm, keyword, metatag, hashtag, metadata, etc. If you interested to participate in this topic, and wanted to be part of the game changer against the odd, do contact us for discussion of what contribution that you can  deliver for ummah.

This is our thoughts. We believe that music will not only can spread dakwah and ukhuwah, but its also can develop career and personal of the creative talents. We need content and creative in music, audio and video. We need arts to trigger the civilisation!